Zero – G – Racer: Drone Fpv plaza sport Free Version is an approaching amateur driving game developed by Rendercode Games. In this game, players may manage a monotone in great – speed races through various sci – vector environments, including space stations and asteroid fields. The game features a second – individual see from the helicopter, adding to the engrossment and sense of speed.

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Zero – G – Racer: Drone Fpv arcades Free Download Computer

In Zero – G – Racer, players control a drone through a variety of tracks set in sc – operator environments. The match is designed to be fast – paced and tough, with gamers needing to dodge obstacles and explore complex courses to reach the finish line.

The game features a second – person perspective from the droning, adding to the engrossment and sense of speed. Athletes will need to use their dexterity and precision floating abilities to navigate the challenging songs and avoid obstacles. The game also features a boost technique, allowing players to get a temporary acceleration boost by collecting energy – ups scattered throughout the trail.

The game features many different activity methods, including occasion trials, races against other robots, and obstacle courses. To enhance the performance and look of their drone, players can even customize it with a variety of skins and upgrades.


    Fast-paced rushing play: To understand the tracks in the game, players must use their reflexes and precise flying techniques.

  • Second – person see: The show’s first – man perceive from the aircraft adds to the immersion and sense of speed.
  • Sci – fi environments: The match features different sc – vector environments, including space stations and meteor fields, adding to the game’s futurist atmosphere.
  • Improve system: The game features a increase program, allowing players to gain a temporary velocity boost by collecting power – ups scattered throughout the track.
  • Flexibility: Players you add different skins and modifications to their helicopter to enhance its performance and appearance.
  • Many match types: The match features many different gameplay forms, including period tests, races against other drones, and obstacle courses.

Structure Criteria:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or eventually, macos 10.10 or later
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or similar
  • 2 Gb or more of Ram
  • Graphics: Intel hd graphics 4000 or comparable
  • 2 Gb of storage space is available.