Otxo Torrent Free Version is a puzzle activity developed and published by the separate activity theater Springloaded. The sport is designed for ios gadgets and features minimalistic graphics and a exclusive gameplay mechanic that challenges players to think creatively and strategically. In this review, we’ll talk about the fundamental features, game, and system requirements of Otxo.

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Otxo Torrent + Split Free Desktop Download

Otxo Crack Download is a teaser game that is played on a generator of hexagonal bricks. Each tile is either unoccupied or contains a colored dot. The goal of the game is to attach all the pixels of the same color by drawing a way that passes through each tile only again.

Players start by tapping on a tile with a colored dose and dragging their hand to bring a route. Each stone of the same shade may be passed through by the course; it don’t cross over itself. When a way connects all the pixels of a given colour. It turns into a sturdy range, indicating that the puzzle is full.

The gameplay features over 100 ranges, each with its own unique style and set of challenges. Some degrees have many colors of lines that must be connected singly. While some feature roadblocks that block the path and require inventive thinking to beat.


    Unique game locksmith: Otxo Free features a unique play machinist that challenges players to think creatively and strategically. The activity presents a fulfilling challenge for players of all skill levels and is simple to learn but challenging to king.

  • Simple design: The match features minimalistic graphics with a simple, clear architecture that allows players to focus on the puzzle – solving gameplay.
  • Over 100 levels: Otxo Download features over 100 rates, each with its own unique architecture and set of challenges. The amounts range in difficulty from simple to challenging, offering a variety of puzzles for players to address.
  • Purchasable efforts: The activity offers a variety of accomplishments that can be obtained by completing specific tasks, such as finishing the amount within the allotted time or connecting every piece of information without making any errors.
  • Intuitive settings: The game’s intuitive handles make it easy to pick pathways and solve puzzles.
    enabling gamers to concentrate on the play rather than having to deal with challenging controls.
  • Sound effects and songs: The soothing music and noise effects in Otxo Torrent Free improve the game’s interactive expertise.
  • No occasion limit: The match has no time limit, allowing players to take their time and address puzzles at their own pace.
  • No advertisements: Free Version Otxo offers a distraction-free gaming expertise and is completely of advertising.

System needs

Otxo is designed for ios gadgets and requires ios 8.0 or after to move. The gameplay is optimized for iphone 5, phone 6, and iphone 6 Plus and works with iphone, ipad, and ipod Touch.