Flower Memories Torrent Free Version is a puzzler – venture game developed by Mirai Games, set in a captivating and charming world filled with flowers and magical creatures. The gameplay offers a relaxing and interactive expertise, where players must fix puzzles and explore the world in order to uncover the secrets of the bloom gardens.

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Gameplay: The gameplay in Flower Memories is mostly centered on puzzler – addressing and investigation. Participants control the main character, a young woman named Ciel, as she journeys through several flower parks, searching for memories of her aunt. Along the way, athletes had solve diverse riddles and conquer hurdles in order to advance.

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Flower Memories Free Version Pc Greatly Compressed in the game range from simple corresponding matches to more sophisticated rationale puzzles. Requiring participants to employ their concern – solving abilities and imagination in order to find the options. As gamers progress through the sport, they will encounter a variety of beautiful creatures and Npcs, each with their own special personalities and skills.

Story: The tale of Flower Memories is centered around Ciel, a fresh girl who has inherited her mom’s love of flowers. After her grandmother passes away, Ciel sets out on a journey to visit the various plant backyards that she had frequented throughout her career in an effort to learn more about her and her reputation.

Through a series of cutscenes and relationships with Npcs, Flower Memories Crack Download is told. And offers a touching and profound exploration of themes such as heartache, reduction, and the power of memory. Throughout the game, players will face numerous things and locations that trigger reminiscences of Ciel’s grandmother. More deepening the psychological affect of the story.

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Beautiful and intricate graphics can be found in Graphics and Sound: Flower Memories Download Latest Edition.
With a beautiful and attractive art type that completely captures the funny and beautiful world of the match. The rose gardens in the game are elaborately constructed, with a wide range of plants and flowers to explore and adore.

Flower Memories Torrent Download, with a soothing and comforting music that flawlessly complements the game’s calm and meditative ambiance. The noise effects are also well – done, with subtle and pleasant stereo cues for each teaser and interaction in the game.


    Puzzle – Solving: Flower Memories Free Version Apk features a variety of mysteries, ranging from simple matching matches to more complex logic puzzles, requiring players to use their trouble – solving skills and imagination in order to progress.

  1. Exploration: Players may investigate numerous rose gardens and discover secrets and memories of Ciel’s grandmother.
  2. Story – Driven: Flower Memories Crack Version Free offers a touching and profound inquiry of topics such as pain, lost, and the power of remembrance, told through a series of sequences and relationships with Npcs.
  3. Stunning Graphics: Flower Memories Full Game Pc has stunning and intricate visuals that properly capture the quirky and enchanted globe of the sport.
  4. Soothing Soundtrack: Free Flower Memories Torrent features a soothing and calming soundtrack that completely complements the game’s relaxing and contemplative atmosphere.

System specifications


  • Macos: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: 1.8 Ghz Intel Base i3 or equivalent
  • 4 Gb of ram
  • Images: Windows 9.0c appropriate visuals notice with 512 Mb Vram
  • Windows: Edition 9.0c
  • Safe-keeping: 2 Megs applicable room


  • Panels 10 Operating-system
  • Chipset: 2.5 Ghz Intel Core i5 or comparative
  • Ram: 8 Megs Ram
  • Visuals: Dx 11 compatible images passport with 2 Gb Hdd
  • Windows: Variant 11
  • Backup: 2 Megs applicable place