Detective Di Free Version is an interactive venture activity developed by Nupixo Games, which takes players on a fascinating voyage to solve a series of murders in old China. The main character in the game, a renowned inspector by the name of Di Renjie, is tasked with tracing several enigmatic murders. The game takes place during the Tang Dynasty.

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Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders Apk is a combination of level – and – press adventure and teaser – handling. The player takes control of Di Renjie and navigates through various spots in the game, including offense scenes, criminal’s houses, and other significant places. To learn the truth about the murders, the participant must collect facts, speak with suspects in the game, and solve difficult puzzles.

Detective Di Free Version Pc

Detective Di Free Version Pc Highly Compressed is inspired by the real-life adventures of Di Renjie, a prominent Chinese official and detective who lived during the Tang Dynasty. The game begins with a prologue that sets the scene for the upcoming events. The Emperor’s favorite concubine, Yang Guifei, has been murdered, and the culprit is still at large. As a result, the Emperor orders Di Renjie to investigate the case and find the killer.

The major tale of Detective Di Download Macos is centered on a string of murders that occur in Luoyang. The subjects are every powerful traders who have been found with a fabric rosiness pinned to their attire. As Di Renjie, the player must unveil clues and bit together the data to discover the predator and bring them to justice.

The player did come across a variety of interesting figures throughout the activity, including suspects, testimonies, and other players who can offer useful information. The game’s dialogue method allows players to interact with these characters and ask them questions to accumulate clues and insights into the case.
Players will need to use their deductive abilities to get rid of offenders and figure out what caused the deaths as they move through the activity.

Detective Di The Silk Rose Murders Free Version

Detective Di Download Latest Version are integrated smoothly into the play. The game features a range of puzzles, including lock – picking, password – breaking, and puzzle – addressing, which all require a mix of logic and intuition. These puzzles are designed to problem people and keep them engaged in the show’s tale.

One of the tournament’s exclusive features is the use of traditional Chinese music and art to create an engaging ambience. The game’s soundtrack includes standard Taiwanese devices such as the erhu and guzheng. Which help to move participants back in time to the Tang Dynasty. The tournament’s art fashion is also inspired by Foreign paint canvases. With the characters and surroundings rendered in a minimalist, styled manner.

Detective Di Download Full Version is a persuasive and engaged journey match that offers a distinct glance into ancient chinese history and society. Players can have a difficult and engaging encounter thanks to the game’s combination of sergeant work, puzzle-solving, and storytelling. With its beautiful artwork design, traditional Chinese songs, and intriguing tale. Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders is a must – play for viewers of adventure and mystery games.


    Engaging Storyline: Detective Di Free Version windowpane 7 features an participating storyline that follows the activities of Di Renjie as he attempts to solve a string of murders in ancient China. The plot is based on actual situations and offers gamers a special understanding of Foreign history and culture.

  • Detective Di Download windows 10 has point-and-click play that is simple to pick up and execute. Participants can handle Di Renjie by clicking on different places of the display. Additionally, they may interact with things and people by clicking on them.
  • Puzzle – Solving: Detective Di Download Ios features a range of challenging riddles that gamers has resolve to progress through the story.
    Lock-picking, code-breaking, and riddle-solving mysteries require a combination of logic and intuition to fix.
  • Dialogue System: The game features a discourse system that allows players to interact with characters and assemble facts and information about the scenario. People may pose concerns to the characters and usage their deductive abilities to identify defendants and unravel the mystery.
  • Unique Characters: The activity features a toss of exclusive figures, including suspects, testimonies, and other individuals who can give significant information. Each figure has their own character and story, which adds degree to the tournament’s plot.
  • Multiple Endings: Depending on the player’s decisions and actions throughout the activity, there are numerous endings. This adds replayability and encourages people to observe different roads and outcomes.
  • Historical Accuracy: The sport strives for historical precision and legitimacy, with attention to detail in the game’s environment, characters, and events. This adds level and richness to the game’s narrative and makes it an education practice while properly.

System Requirements


  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • Mainframe: Intel Core 2 Duo or Amd Athlon X2 2.8ghz
  • Ram: 4 Gb Computer
  • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce Gtx 660 or Hp Graphics Dvr 7850
  • Directx: Variant 9.0c
  • Safe-keeping: 3 Mbps accessible storage


  • Windows 10 is the operating system.
  • Chipset: Intel Primary i5 or Hp Zen 5
  • Remembrance: 8 Megs Ram
  • Amd Graphics R9 390x or Nvidia Geforce Gtx 970 for images
  • Windows: Variation 11
  • Backup: 3 Mbps accessible storage